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Online and face-to-face drawing workshops

If you are looking to discover or revive your creativity, we are now running a mixture of outdoor and online classes; traditional studio based workshops will return soon.

Walk forage draw course Hertfordshire
ONLINE: Drawing from scratch

Ideal for complete novices. Breaking down preconceptions & learn mark making.

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ONLINE: Drawing 1 for beginners

Understanding light is fundamental to understanding drawing: explore tone on form.

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Drawing course Hertfordshire
ONLINE: Drawing 2

Learn a variety of proportion techniques.

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Charcoal Drawing Koala Courses
ONLINE: Drawing with charcoal

This workshop is dedicated to those who wish to explore the various possibilities charcoal can offer.

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Drawing Ink courses Hertfordshire
ONLINE: Drawing with ink

Explore the various possibilities ink can offer.

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OUTDOORS: Walk, forage, draw

Draw flowers, leaves and other botanical specimens with a botantist. You'll learn basic plant anatomy through drawing.

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Drawing watercolour pencils course Hertfordshire
ONLINE: Drawing & painting with watercolour pencils

Explore the various possibilities watwercolour pencils can offer.

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ONLINE: Perspective drawing

Discover one-point and two point perspective basic techniques.

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When can I enrol?

You can enrol throughout the year. If you require any help with enrolling, please email: Koala@KoalaCourses.com. All our workshops are small, so students get more individual attention from the tutor.

My workshop is not available, or at a time I can't attend?

Don't fret Koala Courses also happily offer one to one private tuition in a public space, so register your interest today at Koala@KoalaCourses.com. If you want to be notified of our new courses, please subscribe to the mailing list here. In the meantime, follow @KoalaCourses on twitter for all our latest happenings. You'll find lots of creative tips there for you.

Data protection

Koala Courses take your personal data very seriously, you would never be asked for your actual birth date or your bank account details by email.

About the art tutor:

Gim first started teaching art for Derbyshire County Council's Adult Community Education programme, teaching 'Drawing and Painting Techniques'. Since January 2019, she has run series of art workshops for North Hertfordshire College at the Hitchin Campus, Hertfordshire. She currently teaches both the 'Drawing and Painting for Beginners' and 'Drawing and Painting for Improvers' workshop series. She also runs art workshops for museums, such as the Lowewood museum.


About Koala Courses

What - Koala Courses runs painting and drawing workshops periodically (a list of upcoming workshops can be view here) for young and mature adults. Alternatively, we also offer one to one private tuition in a public space. So if there are no workshops running, why not register your interest and we will contact with our next available programmes. We are able to offer flexible arrangements, so contact us today.

Where - We offer our services across Hertfordshire, inc. St Albans, Harpenden, Welwyn Garden City, Stevenage, Letchworth, Knebworth, Hertford and Hitchin.

About - Our workshops are generally small (8 or less). Private one to one tuition rates are £33.82 per hour* exluding the hire of a public space (*rates valid until March 2021; venue hire rates are typically range from £5 to £15 per hr). We are able to offer one hour one to one tutorial sessions for £38.82 per hour in Hitchin and Letchworth, dependent on availability. Please contact us for more information on group rates.

Age range - 18 years onward, as long as you are willing and enthusiastic.

What makes us unique - Aside from being passionate about what we teach, Koala Courses can offer STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) learning opportunities, specifically between the sciences and the arts. So even if you undertake a masterclass in colour theory, there might be a little scientific element to it. We also can deliver innovative, project-based learning such as Arts Awards (Bronze & Silver) to learners up the age of 25 years, which are nationally recognised qualifications.

Payment - via PayPal.

Terms and Conditions - Can be found here.

Contact Koala Courses

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